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We make nut pastes for you!

Those who care about their health and healthy nutrition
Parents who do not care about the composition of the food that they give to their children
Athletes who know perfectly well that peanut paste is an optimal source of healthy fats and proteins
Housewives who adore experiments in dishes, and especially delicious pastries
For everyone who loves nuts, loves treats, loves themselves!

Why nut pastes are healthy,
and burunduk are very healthy

  • Our credo is a minimum of ingredients and maximum benefit!

    We do not use SUGAR, table salt, palm oil and other trans- and hydrogenated fats in our pastes.

    The natural flaking of the oil is the best evidence of this - and the paste easily returns to its original state with simple stirring : )

  • Our line of sweet spreads with chocolate and dried fruit - designed to show you that healthy eating can be tasty and VERY tasty

  • In the peanut paste, we use roasted peanuts, which are

    much more useful than raw ones due to better digestibility and increased antioxidant content.

  • Peanut paste is an indispensable product in vegetable and fitness nutrition. It contains 26g of protein per 100g

TM Burunduk received a gold medal at the WorldFood Ukraine exhibition
All products are manufactured in accordance with DSTU 4848:2007


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About Company

Our team

We are Artem, Katya and Yulia – three friends from Kyiv, together with our assistants, we make natural chipmunk nut pastes for you. Our goal is to bring you a little benefit and health (and that it also tastes great).

We started our business in 2014 – out of a great love for peanut butter. Having tasted this unusual taste, we began to bring pasta from all our travels, because we were surprised to realize that it is not sold in Ukraine. Then they decided that it would be easier to do it ourselves. Having broken the home blender for the first time, we realized: it’s not easier! 🙂 But … they are not used to giving up on their decisions, because you can do it – we had to open our own production! This is how Chipmunk nut pastes appeared.

We didn’t want to duplicate the standard American pasta – too many ingredients that are NOT nuts, too many unfamiliar words in the ingredients 🙁 We know that the healthiest food is the simplest. That’s why you won’t find anything but nuts, honey and sea salt in most of our pastas .

Our sandwiches, cookies, cereals and shakes would be much more boring without nut paste! We believe you will love it too

Ukrainian online store "Burunduk" known for a large selection of natural products with excellent taste. Our task – to offer sports nutrition lovers, fans of active recreation and gourmets with a sweet tooth high-quality, healthy pastas, superfoods and desserts. In the company`s catalog, you can order any types of the best nut pastes and mixtures in glass containers, in portioned sachets and by weight. It is also easy to buy nuts in their pure form. Beautifully designed gift sets for special occasions are on sale: the composition of the gift is selected based on the recipient`s taste preferences.

Nut and peanut pastes in assortment

• We use only proven raw materials for manufacturing products. The composition of the pastes includes only useful additives and a minimum of ingredients of natural origin.
• Nut pastes reduce the risk of heart diseases, normalize cholesterol levels, and lead to optimal indicators.
• They can be consumed as independent delicacies or used as an additive to cereals, desserts, sweet dishes, cookies and confectionery.
• In addition to the pleasant taste and feeling of satiety, nut pastes, desserts and superfoods help build muscles and increase the level of useful hormones in the body. They saturate the body with the necessary amount of energy, contribute to the concentration of attention during study or intellectual work.
• Due to the large amount of protein and monounsaturated fats, nutritionists value products from selected nuts as a natural component of a healthy diet.
• High-quality pastes from peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame will become a worthy alternative to meat dishes.
• Blends can be a component of the diet for those recovering from injury or illness.
• Eating nut pastes protects the body at the cellular level from the destructive effects of free radicals.
• Due to the absence of contraindications and easy digestibility, nut pastes are recommended for children and adults.

Peanut and nut spreads with delivery

Based on selected raw materials from proven suppliers, we make tasty and nutritious products. In production, special attention is paid to product quality, carefully selecting each ingredient. We use only gentle types of nut processing and natural additives. Shopping in our store – this is proven quality of useful pastes, fast ordering, convenient payment methods, delivery to any city in the country!

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We cooperate with:

online and offline grocery stores, supermarkets

Our pastas are tasty and beautiful, as well as made in Ukraine - and will decorate any shelf and assortment

Cafes, restaurants, hotels and co-working spaces

Portion packaging for buffets, pasta by weight for the kitchen or for common areas in a co-working space

We make corporate gifts and wedding gifts

We carry out branding and packaging according to your wishes, we cooperate with partners to create joint gifts - and we are not afraid of large orders!

Bulk supplies for confectioneries and bakeries

Pasta by weight for making cakes, cookies, ice cream and much more. Supplied in sealed plastic buckets.

Work according to the private (white) label scheme

We are open to making paste that will be sold under your brand and according to your recipe - adhering to all our principles and standards

On matters of cooperation and wholesale purchases

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